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Olympus LIVE Melbourne

Olympus LIVE Melbourne is the most expansive Olympus LIVE centre and the first to be built in February 2014. Here, you can witness the ENDOALPHA integrated Operating theatre featuring the VISERA 4K UHD platform coupled with an immersive 55 inch monitor and 3D functionality with the world’s only 3D HD deflectable videolaporoscope. Experience the ENDOALPHA integrated Endoscopy Suite housing state-of-the-art gastroenterology technology or conduct a full endoscopic cleaning procedure in the Endoscope Cleaning Room, specifically designed to facilitate Olympus Academy programs.

Visit the Life Science and Industrial Laboratories; multi-functional spaces built for the purpose of group education, equipment demonstration and testing, whilst being supported by Olympus Specialists.  Envisage the total Olympus Solution in the Digital Camera Display Booth, complete with a range of Olympus’ best digital cameras, digital audio recorders and binoculars.  Or, perform medical procedural practice in the specialised Dry Laboratory.

Conduct presentations, guest speaker events, classroom style learning or annual meetings in the Training Rooms, fully equipped with wireless overhead projectors and live streaming facilities. The rooms can be extended into one or partitioned off into two segregates, with a range of set-ups available. Or, for a more formal setting, choose the glass meeting rooms that can be partitioned into two areas or removed to accommodate for a larger, singular boardroom space. 


For bookings or enquiries please contact Samantha Jenkins, our dedicated Olympus LIVE Receptionist.

Phone: 03 9265 5402

Email: LIVE@Olympus.com.au


Address: Level 1, 3 Acacia Place, Notting Hill, Victoria, Australia, 3168.

Olympus LIVE is located in the Olympus Australia Head Office Building (within Ferntree Business Park).

Ferntree Buiness Park Address: 296-298 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill, Victoria, Australia, 3168.

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