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Olympus LIVE Auckland

Olympus LIVE Auckland is the latest Olympus LIVE facility to be commissioned and was launched in June 2017. Here you can experience Olympus’ best Surgical and Endoscopy technologies as a total solution in the Medical Suite, which features the award-winning** 4K Surgical Imaging Platform. Conduct a complete endoscopic cleaning procedure in the Endoscope Cleaning Room, specifically designed to facilitate our Olympus Academy courses. 

Visit the multi-functional Scientific and Industrial Laboratory, a space to test, troubleshoot, or undertake education with a range of Olympus microscopes and industrial equipment. Get hands-on with a range of the latest Olympus digital cameras, binoculars and digital audio recording device in the Consumer Camera Space.

Facilitate classroom style learning or large-scale presentations in the Training Room, complete with dual 85” LCD monitor displays and innovative blue glass whiteboards that run floor to ceiling. Or, choose the Meeting Room for a smaller, more formal meeting space.  


For bookings or enquiries please contact Samantha Jenkins, our dedicated Olympus LIVE Receptionist.

Email: LIVE@olympus.co.nz



Address: Level 3, 28 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland, 0632

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