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First ENDOALPHA Glass Modular 3D Operating Room in Australia launched at St. Andrew's Toowoomba (QLD)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Section: General

On Thursday the 12th of March 2015, Australia's first ENDOALPHA 3D Glass Modular Operating Room launched at St. Andrew's Toowoomba in Queensland. 

With stunning ENDOALPHA Workspace Design elements incorporating blue glass modular walls, two dedicated magnetic glass panels for paper note placement, an integrated glass desk, automated doors  and blue sky lighting, our latest ENDOALPHA masterpiece has succeeded in creating a world class clinical environment that is designed to bring sheer delight.

The room is equipped with the latest ENDOALPHA integration components including the new Olympus HomeScreen graphical user interface which allows users to control the medical and peripheral elements of the operating room with the simplicity they expect when controlling mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

ENDOALPHA Video Management enables simplistic placement of video sources to any display screen within the operating room whilst the ENDOALPHA Video Network Solution allows for High Definition video streaming with bi-directional audio to occur anywhere within the hospital network via PCs and mobile devices. Such functionality coupled with broadcast abilities to destinations outside the facility has created a truly world class teaching environment.

ENDOALPHA Control allows for touch screen control of all medical and peripheral devices within the operating room via the Olympus HomeScreen. The hospital has commenced utilising the SceneSelection feature that enables all medical and peripheral equipment to be instantly pre-set to the desired settings via the touch of a button.

SceneSelection aims to save time and standardise equipment setup within the procedure rooms, bringing greater procedural consistency, decreasing setup times and ultimately increasing efficiency within the facility.

The full range of Olympus medical equipment has also been installed, including the Olympus 3D imaging system for laparoscopic surgeries. The Olympus 3D imaging system includes the ENDOEYE FLEX 3D, which is the world’s first flexible tip all-in-one HD-3D video laparoscope that provides improved speed, accuracy and precision for surgical tasks while helping to shorten the learning curve of laparoscopic surgery.

Finally, our electrosurgical platform THUNDERBEAT has also been installed. THUNDERBEAT integrates both advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies and delivers simultaneously from a single, versatile instrument. This integration delivers the widely recognised benefits of each individual energy; the ability to rapidly cut tissue with ultrasonic energy, and the ability to create reliable vessel seals with bipolar energy

With leading ENDOALPHA integration and workspace design elements and the power of the Olympus medical platform, St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital is well equipped to give outstanding clinical care to its patients whilst delighting its staff in the process.

For further enquiries regarding our latest ENDOALPHA masterpiece, please contact Olympus on 1300 132 992. 

Check out the St. Andrew's Toowoomba Photo Gallery


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