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Olympus Announces Intention to Acquire Image Stream Medical, Inc.

Friday, April 28, 2017
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Olympus Announces Intention to Acquire Image Stream Medical, Inc. to Enhance Medical Solution Offerings to Healthcare Facilities

Olympus Announces Intention to Acquire Image Stream Medical, Inc. to Enhance Medical Solution Offerings to Healthcare Facilities. Acquisition will join leading minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions provider with systems integration pioneer


Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA) based in Center Valley, PA signed a definitive agreement to acquire Image Stream Medical, Inc., a healthcare systems integrator based in Littleton, MA. Olympus is a leading precision technology provider, designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses. This acquisition will further enable both companies to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for patients.

Image Stream Medical's technology and know-how has made sophisticated visualization and healthcare environment integration for their customers simple and intuitive. Image Stream Medical's unique expertise includes a deep knowledge of IP-based image management solutions, the ability to offer superior end-to-end workflow for every clinical specialty, an approach to IT backbone technology which unifies separate clinical areas allowing complete enterprise-wide access to critical data and media, and the proven experience leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to provide new, value-added services for healthcare facilities.

"We are very happy to welcome Image Stream Medical to the Olympus family," said Nacho Abia, OCA President and CEO. "Image Stream Medical is a top tier integration provider that continues to experience consistent market growth on the strength of its products and operational excellence. This relationship provides us with an exciting opportunity to enhance the continuum of care throughout the healthcare enterprise. We believe the acquisition of Image Stream Medical will accelerate our progress in achieving the universal goals of healthcare reform and furthers our ability to achieve our mission of contributing to society by making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling around the world."




"Image Steam Medical was founded with the vision of solving the key clinical and business challenges for healthcare systems by facilitating collaboration across their enterprises. By connecting clinicians with the visual insights they need, and with each other no matter where they are, we help teams work more efficiently and effectively," said Eddie Mitchell, Image Stream Medical CEO. "I couldn't be more excited today as we move forward to join Olympus to help better realize that vision. The combination of Olympus' unparalleled imaging and surgical technology, together with the innovative and customer-focused solutions we have cultivated at Image Stream Medical, will allow our customers to provide improved care for their patients."

"The synergy between Olympus and Image Stream Medical is unprecedented," said Todd Usen, President of the Medical Systems Group at OCA. "Combining Olympus' global reach and expertise, world class support infrastructure, and market leadership with Image Stream Medical's innovative products, will result in superior work flow and patient care and safety enhancements for healthcare enterprises. We are thrilled to soon create better platforms to provide patients with increased access to more advanced procedures, such as minimally invasive surgeries."

The acquisition will initially benefit the business and customers in the U.S. and it will help Olympus to subsequently create a leading global Systems Integration platform. Olympus and Image Stream Medical customers will experience no immediate changes in resources, services or contacts. Over time, customers will have the opportunity to enhance their systems integration implementation based on an expanded and enhanced portfolio and expertise. Image Stream Medical will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary under the existing name for the foreseeable future. More details on the acquisition will be available in the future.


*Image Stream Medical products are currently not available in the Australia and New Zealand markets

*This news release was sourced from Olympus Corporation of the Americas


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