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Award-winning Olympus LIVE expands to Auckland and Sydney

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Award-winning Olympus LIVE expands to Auckland and Sydney

Olympus is pleased to announce that we will open new Olympus LIVE centres in Auckland and Sydney this year.

NZ Office

Render of the new Olympus New Zealand Head Office that will feature Olympus LIVE Auckland


Olympus LIVE emulates different real-world settings, such as a surgical operating theatre and microscopy laboratory, creating unique and unparalleled learning environments for healthcare professionals, scientists, maintenance engineers, and consumers alike. The concept provides customers with access to Olympus’ latest technologies and best-in-class education as a total solution.

Olympus LIVE Auckland will open in June and feature a fully-functional Medical Suite, Endoscope Cleaning Room, Microscopy and Industrial Laboratory and a Digital Camera Display Booth.

Olympus LIVE Sydney is scheduled to launch later this year with the centre design still being finalised.



An Olympus staff member fine tunes the new Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition System in the Surgical OR at Olympus LIVE Melbourne


Managing Director James Bowe expressed his delight at the expansion, following on from the success of Olympus LIVE Melbourne.

“In 2014, Olympus LIVE Melbourne was the first centre to open and has proved a catalyst for change in the way we build relationships and provide a value-add for our customers.

“Since then, over 2000 customers have experienced Olympus LIVE, which, as an example could include supporting the formation of a new medical society, providing training to nurses gaining industry-accredited professional development points or university students receiving free hands-on education relevant to their specialty.

“We are proud to bring these and many other opportunities to benefit an even broader range of Olympus customers,” said Mr Bowe.       



A pathology student studies a sample at an education workshop in a Training Room at Olympus LIVE Melbourne


Erin Currie, Olympus New Zealand Business Manager said Olympus LIVE Auckland would provide a new and innovative construct to enhance the Olympus customer experience for the New Zealand market.

 “With equipment purchasing decisions increasingly falling to senior hospital staff, there is growing importance for our customers to fully comprehend their investment decision and build long-term, trustworthy partnerships with suppliers.

“Olympus LIVE is unique in allowing our customers to experience the technology in its real working-environment whilst simultaneously empowering discussion of the product’s clinical and economic benefits,” said Ms Currie.

She added that Olympus New Zealand is also committed to an increased customer education program throughout 2017 and 2018, which could not be achieved without the new centre.

The official opening dates for Olympus LIVE Auckland and Olympus LIVE Sydney will be communicated on Olympus' corporate website and LinkedIn channel once these dates are confirmed.

A video of the Olympus LIVE Melbourne centre is shown below or can be accessed via the following link: https://o-lymp.us/LIVE-video



About Olympus LIVE

Olympus LIVE reflects its acronymous title to: Learn, Inspire, Visualise and Experience.

It is an award-winning* facility designed to provide customers with the ability to learn about Olympus products and services in an environment specifically designed for this purpose.

Our aim is to deliver our customers with access to the latest Olympus solutions and technology via interactive showrooms and tailored education, whilst sharing our knowledge to improve the lives of wider society.

*Olympus LIVE Melbourne is winner of 2016 ABA100 Business Innovation Award and winner of Customer Service Institute of Australia 2015 Project of the Year Award.

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