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New head office for Olympus NZ sees expanded National Service Centre and launch of Olympus LIVE Auckland

Thursday, June 15, 2017
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New head office for Olympus NZ sees expanded National Service Centre and launch of Olympus LIVE Auckland

Olympus New Zealand is excited to announce its relocation to a new, purpose built, head office facility in Auckland. 


 NZ Office

Render of the new Olympus New Zealand Head Office that features Olympus LIVE Auckland and an expanded National Service Centre


Located at 28 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland NZ 0632, the facility has been designed from the ground up with our customers in mind.

The move will see the award-winning Olympus LIVE concept introduced to the New Zealand market for the first time and will also facilitate an expanded National Service Centre offering.

Aiming to simulate different customer settings to provide hands-on education, Olympus LIVE Auckland will be equipped with an endoscope cleaning room, a medical suite for gastrointestinal and surgical specialities, a scientific laboratory for our life science and industrial businesses and a consumer showroom incorporating our latest digital cameras, audio technologies and range of binoculars.



Integrated Endoscopy Suite at Olympus LIVE Melbourne


Olympus LIVE Auckland will create unique and unparalleled learning environments for healthcare professionals, scientists, maintenance engineers, and consumers alike. The concept provides customers with access to Olympus’ latest technologies and best-in-class education as a total solution.

The new facility will also incorporate an expanded National Service Centre allowing Olympus New Zealand to deal with a larger repair capacity and to subsequently service New Zealand customers with improved turnaround times. In addition, the National Service Centre has been designed to provide walk-through visibility to both customers and visitors who’ll be able to directly observe how products are serviced and repaired.

Olympus Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, James Bowe, expressed his delight at the new office, which will allow Olympus New Zealand to provide better facilities for staff and an enhanced customer experience.

“We’ve experienced substantial growth in New Zealand over the last 20 years and it’s a particularly proud moment to be able to offer our New Zealand staff and customers such an amazing facility.”

“Launching Olympus LIVE Auckland and an expanded National Service Centre allows Olympus to significantly enhance our customer experience offering in the New Zealand landscape, providing facilities that will enable hands-on education for our customers whilst substantially improving our capacity to service and turn around repairs locally.”



An Olympus Repair Technician in the National Service Centre Melbourne conducting fine repair work


Erin Currie, Olympus New Zealand Business Manager shared similar views, excited with the enhanced customer experience opportunities the new facility would provide.

“From small beginnings approximately 20 years ago, it’s been amazing to be part of the Olympus New Zealand growth story, which now positions Olympus to offer customers and staff alike a brilliant facility to complement their work.”

“In particular, our commitment to enhance our customer experience via the education offerings that Olympus LIVE Auckland will present, whilst improving our repair capacity to directly influence our day-to-day support levels for our customers and their businesses, showcases Olympus’ strong commitment to the New Zealand market.”

“We’re also working hard to bring our Professional Education brand, Olympus Academy, to the New Zealand market in the near future. Olympus Academy will introduce formal workshops on topics such as equipment reprocessing, electrosurgical principles and procedural knowledge in areas such as ERCP, Endoscopic Ultrasound and much more. We will also be able to host many of these workshops in our new facility,” said Ms Currie.

Olympus New Zealand completed its new office relocation in early June. 

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