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Olympus Introduces EasySuite® 4K, the Next-Generation Integrated Operating Room Solution for Hospitals

Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Olympus Introduces EasySuite® 4K, the Next-Generation Integrated Operating Room Solution for Hospitals

Scalable platform aims to improve surgical teams’ efficiency through native 4K support and full-room distribution of uncompressed ultra-high definition video




Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced today the introduction of EasySuite® 4K. The next-generation OR integration system enables surgical and interventional clinicians to connect with the native and uncompressed visual insights derived from legacy, HD and ultra-high definition (UHD) medical sources to streamline pre-, intra-, and post-operative clinician workflows.

EasySuite 4K’s vendor-neutral architecture and enterprise services are built on a 10GB IP standards-based switching backbone with enterprise-grade security features, future-proofing surgical suites with the flexibility to integrate new 4K medical devices and support next-generation technologies, seamlessly. Conscious to protect a hospital’s investment, EasySuite 4K’s content management, video streaming and communication solutions are fully backward-compatible with previous HD versions of EasySuite OR integration systems and EasyPort™ universal HD video connectors.

Additional features of the comprehensive system allow physicians to:

  • View 4K video at medical-grade 60 frames per second in its native color fidelity without perceptible latency

  • Provide a relaxing patient experience prior to surgery with a Patient Greeting System, delivering soothing images and sounds with separate settings for adults and pediatrics

  • Consult virtually during a case in a rich, interactive and collaborative environment via MedPresence®

Image Stream Medical Inc. (ISM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA), developed EasySuite 4K. It is the second product launched collaboratively since OCA acquired ISM in 2017 and is recognized as the global system integration platform of Olympus’ medical ecosystem. EasySuite 4K combines Olympus’ superior infrastructure and imaging solutions with ISM’s innovative approach to healthcare environment integration.




“The ability to capture, route, and view images across the continuum of care through EasySuite 4K will not only improve a clinician’s productivity, but also a patient’s experience,” said Todd Usen, President, Olympus Medical Systems Group. "Through EasySuite 4K, we believe the advancement in 4K cameras, microscopes, and surgical displays can now play an even greater role in supporting precision surgery. We are excited to set a new standard in system integration and develop products that help clinicians glean insights from high-resolution images to better consult, diagnose and treat patients.”

“Our trusted relationships with world-class hospitals provide us with deep understanding of the unique challenges of today’s healthcare environments and the inspiration to build solutions like EasySuite 4K,” said Eddie Mitchell, CEO, Image Stream Medical. “Unlike competitive solutions that require clinicians to be aware of complex underlying technology, we never lose sight of who we are building solutions for – clinicians whose number one focus is on the care of their patients. When clinicians don’t even notice the sophisticated and cutting-edge technology underpinning EasySuite, we’ve done our job.”

EasySuite 4K is currently available in the U.S. and will be available in selected worldwide markets in 2018.


*Image Stream Medical products are currently not available in the Australia and New Zealand markets

*This news release was sourced from Olympus Corporation of the Americas

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