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OLYMPUS technology continues to advance the art of endoscopy. As the world leader in endoscopy, OLYMPUS provides cutting-edge medical technology to healthcare professionals around the globe. Our commitment to research and development and our collaborative efforts with the medical community work to improve both the underlying technology and the quality of patient care it helps deliver. It is a continuous evolution, aimed at advancing the art of endoscopy.
Our latest introduction, the new EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system, is setting new standards for technologies focusing on:
  • Advancing Visualisation
  • Advancing Control
These innovative technologies help facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment, simplify setup and reprocessing with advanced levels of sophistication and integration.

Advancing visualisation with a wide range of key technologies.

Advancing control to provide new value to physicians and staff.


The improved Narrow Band Imaging technology gives twice the viewable distance and much greater contrast, opening up new clinical applications and reinforcing NBI’s acceptance as a standard of care.


EVIS EXERA III introduces a range of gastroscopes and colonoscopes for advanced diagnosis and treatment.

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CF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
ENF-VQ Video Rhinolaryngoscope
Laparoscopes Telescopes
GIF-H190 Gastrovideoscope
CF-HQ190L/I Colonovideoscope
PCF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
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Laparoscopes Telescopes
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CF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
BF-H190 Bronchovideoscope
BF-Q190 Bronchovideoscope
CF-HQ190L/I Colonovideoscope
CV-190 Video System Centre
CLV-190 Video Xenon Light Source
PCF-PH190L/I Colonovideoscope
GIF-HQ190 Gastrovideoscope
GIF-H190 Gastrovideoscope
Spiration Valve
EndoCapsule EC-10
VMC-1 HD Digital Documentation System
EU-ME2 Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor
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